Machine translation risk prediction

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ModelFront instantly predicts if a translation is correct or not.

en Tesla loses head of product

es Tesla pierde cabeza de producto

predicted risk: high (94%)

en Wild week on Wall Street

es Semana salvaje en Wall Street

predicted risk: low (7%)

Get scale and quality

Machine translation is great when it works - it scales.

But human language is difficult for machines. Machine translation fails often and unpredictably. The results can be nonsensical, misleading, offensive or even dangerous.

ModelFront predicts each machine translation's risk in real-time so you can get the scale of machine translation and the quality of human translation.

All languages

As billions of users join the internet, platforms expand to support hundreds of languages. We love the chaos. Our approaches support all of the top ten thousand language pairs.

All engines

It works with any translation API, like those from Google, Microsoft, Yandex (Яндекс), Baidu (百度), IBM, and DeepL, and even with custom-trained models like AutoML.

All types of text

Our innovative models are trained for domains and formats like news, finance, travel, gaming, commerce, courses, films, apps, titles, reviews, chats, email and more.


Innovative research is at the core of ModelFront, but it's also a fully-featured and robustly-engineered platform built to handle billions of translations every day.


Enter or upload samples to try it out.

Search and rank your translations by predicted risk.

View risk across all your translations and sliced by provider, language, domain and more.

Compare translation APIs for each language and use case.

Set up monitoring and alerts.


Hit our API to get real-time risk predictions on each machine translation.

Get a numeric risk prediction to choose own your application-specific risk threshold.

Send sample data to get better predictions for custom engines and domains

ModelFront keeps improving as you see use it more.

Easy integration

Try a sample in the console.

Hit our REST API.

Speed and scale

We predict translation fails instantly.

Your application can react in real time.


Set your own risk threshold.

Add your own data.

Case study in brief

Ever dreamed of learning languages by reading and enjoying content that interests you? Literati is the first language learning app to offer instant translation on tap.

Literati's innovative approach combines Google Translate and ModelFront to automatically create a stream of quality content from the real world.

With the ModelFront console the Literati team can decide which languages and content sources to launch. With the ModelFront risk API the Literati team can automatically filter out the content that was machine translated at a quality below their desired bar. They are also able to understand how translation quality correlates with user metrics, for example a user's time in the app and learning progress.

Fresh, engaging content - with instant quality translations - is the key to an amazing learning experience for more languages than any other language learning app.

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What are your translation risks?

How many bad machine translations are you showing to your users?

With the ModelFront console, you can monitor your translation quality, graph and slice by time, language and more, and set up alerts. For free.

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