Where and how to access ModelFront technology

ModelFront provides its translation risk prediction technology to a diverse set of translation providers and users, from machine learning researchers to language service providers to enterprises to translation toolmakers.

Our listed partners work with us to make our technology accessible to their clients and users in a way that's transparent and optimized for specific translation use cases, as smart features within their ready-to-use platforms.

Our partners


GlobalDoc is a full-service, quality-focused language service provider to clients operating at a global scale, like DRiV, IBM, Siemens, Toshiba and Xerox, with decades of experience building solutions for translation automation.

GlobalDoc's LangXpert translation management platform integrates ModelFront to implement hybrid translation, from pre-translation to post-editing and final review.

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translate5 is an innovative open-source cloud-based translation system available as a hosted or self-hosted solution, for translation, post-editing and review supported by companies and institutions like transline, Supertext, Pangeanic, World Translation and the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence.

translate5's "What you see is what you get" editor integrates ModelFront's risk prediction in the segment translation and document translation post-editing experience.

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Open access

ModelFront also supports open research conferences like the Workshop on Machine Translation, labs like YerevaNN, projects like deepchar, and supports open datasets like the TAUS Corona Crisis Corpus.

Many of their projects, datasets and derivative works are public and downloadable in full.