Hybrid translation

How to get the best of human and machine

How can you use our technology to get more scale than human translation and more quality than machine translation?

The 3 types of translation

There are 3 basic types of translation:

1. Human translation
2. Hybrid translation
3. Machine translation

Human translation can be sped up a little bit by post-editing machine translations, or using a translation memory. That's often called "computer-assisted", but it is only a little bit faster than pure human translation.

Some math

Can we get 10x or 100x faster than human translation? True hybrid translation can be as close to machine translation as it is to human translation.

  • If you translate 100M characters

    With human translation you pay about $2M.

    With ModelFront you pay only $2K for machine translation and $180K for human translation.

  • If you have $200K for translation

    With human translation you get about 10M characters with your budget.

    With ModelFront you get more than 100M characters.

How it works

The hybrid translation workflow is smart and simple:

1. Machine translate

Send all lines to machine translation

2. Filter by risk

Send all lines to ModelFront

3. Human translate

Send only the risky lines to human translators for post-editing

You can send multiple machine translations, including translation memory, to let ModelFront select the best candidate.

alt text


original - English machine translation - German risk human translation - German
... ... ...
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 1%
Various Colours & Grades Verschiedene Farben und Qualitäten 0%
Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE S7 EDGE 96% Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE
This Phone is Unlocked for GSM Networks Dieses Telefon ist für GSM-Netze freigeschaltet 1%
EMB - Phones, Accessories and More EMB - Telefone, Zubehör und mehr 0%
Charging/Data Cable Lade- / Datenkabel 2%
Wall Adapter Wandadapter 5%
Self Portrait Women's Abstract Triangle Lace Dress Self Portrait Women's Abstract Triangle Spitzenkleid 23%
A fairy-tale worthy Self Portrait party dress Ein märchenhaftes Selbstporträt-Kleid 84% Märchenhaftes Self Portrait Partykleid
We ship alll orders within 1 business day. Wir versenden alle Bestellungen innerhalb von 1 Werktag. 0%
For any question or concern, please contact us via eBay Bei Fragen oder Bedenken kontaktieren Sie uns bitte über eBay 1%
... ... ...

How is it different than post-editing?

Reviewing and post-editing every machine translation is increasingly popular. However post-editing is only about twice as fast as pure human translation, and in many cases it's even slower.

With risk prediction, you can skip all human review for most lines - 10x faster than human translation.

How does it fit into our existing workflow?

ModelFront is a high-scale API that can be easily integrated from any platform. We work with TMS and CAT tools to help LSPs and translation clients integrate ModelFront.

How can we adjust the balance of quality and scale?

ModelFront gives you the raw risk prediction, so you can decide the risk threshold for each content type, project, document or even line.