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The ModelFront team helps more players get more out of machine translation and translation risk prediction. We compile and maintain open resources for our clients and the community.


Browse overviews of the machine translation and translation risk prediction space

Compare translation API features

An overview of the features and limitations of the major machine translation APIs

Options for translation quality and risk

How to build or buy services, tools or technology for measuring translation quality and risk


Walk through advanced applications of risk prediction to high-impact problems

Translation for marketplaces

How to localize commerce content with quality at scale

Multilingual search

How to build search with translation and transliteration


Read more about machine translation and risk prediction

Confidence scoring, quality estimation and risk prediction

What is the difference between them?

Direct and indirect machine translation

All about machine-translating between pairs without English, like German to French

Machine readable text

How to format text for machine translation

Translation metrics

What can predicted risk represent?

What causes bad translations?

Machine translation error causes at the system, process and language levels

What is a good evaluation?

Comparing machine translation systems in a meaningful way


When not to translate

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