Security, privacy and data confidentiality at ModelFront

Security, privacy and data confidentiality are very important to us at ModelFront, as it is to you and to your clients.

Luckily, it's relatively simple. Our technology and operation is very similar to that of machine translation and the most trusted machine translation providers.

Your data is yours. Your data are protected - our servers use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt every request and response.

For any questions about security, please contact [email protected].

Private by default

Your data and evaluations are private by default. The data for your custom models are never used for any other models, nor any other purpose. The text in your API requests is automatically deleted by default.

ModelFront risk prediction is fully automated and developed fully in-house. No third-party companies or humans have access to your requests, unless you explicitly request machine translation. If you request machine translation, then your request is forwarded to that machine translation API, and is subject to those API terms.

You should anonymize user data as necessary to comply with local law.

Delete by request

You can request that we permanently delete your custom models, training data, evaluations or account at any time.

Non-disclosure agreements

We are generally willing to opt in to a standard one-way non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before you send us your data or discuss your business needs with us.

Our infrastructure

We currently use the Google Cloud Platform, including Google Cloud Storage, with all virtual machines running inside Kubernetes behind Cloudflare.

By default, data and machines are in Google's US datacenters. We can locate them in other datacentres by request.

We additionally offer private cloud and on-premise deployment under our Partner plan. To discuss private cloud and on-premise deployment, please contact us.

Our website

To improve user experience, we collect anonymized website user metrics with third-party tools like Google Analytics. If you want to opt out, you can use one of the many browser add-ons, plugins or extensions built for that purpose.

To process credit card payments, we use the services of Stripe, Inc., and do not store credit card information ourselves. Stripe Inc is subject to the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework. To pay without a credit card, you can contact us to set up invoicing.

Our company

As a US-based corporation registered in Delaware, ModelFront Inc and its officers are subject to US law as well as the laws of other jurisdictions where it operates.

We do not outsource nor work with external consultants. All technical work is done fully in-house by our own core team.

For more questions about our company, please contact [email protected].

Transparency report

We have not received any requests to provide, remove or modify data from the US government or any other.


We continually update our approach to security, privacy and data confidentiality as we grow and as technology, laws and concerns change. We last updated this security, privacy and data confidentiality policy in July 2020.