Terms of Service

Terms and conditions of using ModelFront services

We offer two main services, the risk prediction API and the console. By creating a ModelFront account and using ModelFront, you agree to the terms of service described here.

Security, privacy and data confidentiality

Our first priority is security - protecting your data and your clients' or users' data. You can read more on how we approach security, privacy and data confidentiality at modelfront.com/security.

Service-level agreement

You can read our service-level agreement at modelfront.com/sla.

Your ModelFront account

You should provide true, accurate and reasonable information when creating a ModelFront account. You're responsible for taking reasonable precautions against unauthorized use of your account.

You can request a change to the email address your account uses, but you need to prove that the current email address is yours. If your ModelFront account uses an email address owned or controlled by your company, it is possible that your company can take over the account. ModelFront cannot transfer ModelFront accounts to a company if the account uses a non-company email address without the explicit agreement of the current account owner.

Free credits are provided as-is, and may be cut at any time. In order to limit unauthorized use and abuse that could impact the availability of ModelFront services for other users, we may take action against accounts or groups of accounts that are created to get additional free credit.

API and console features

The features of the API and console like error messages, email notifications, histograms, previews, sorting and translation API integrations are offered as-is, and may be improved or cut at any time.


No attribution is required. You're free and encouraged to integrate the ModelFront API or datasets created with the ModelFront API into other platforms and services.

Reverse engineering

You are free to cache or store ModelFront risk predictions, but you shouldn't use ModelFront risk predictions to create or improve a model or system that replaces or competes with ModelFront.

Country-specific terms

ModelFront Inc is registered and in operates in and according to the laws of the United States of America. At this time, there are no country-specific terms. You should make sure that you comply with local law.


We continually update our terms of service as we grow and as technology, laws and concerns change. We last updated these terms of service in May 2020.